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1920’s NEW YORK Setting -
Using BRP Rule set v5.6 (although, honestly- all previous versions are acceptable for character generation)
Chaosiums ‘quick start’ faq: [pg 20-21 has character sheet, pg 4-10 has rolling rules]

Standard roll up rules:

each normal stat, roll 5d6 take best 3
EXCEPT POW- it must be rolled as follows: 1d6 + 14 [range: 15-20]

you can simply craft your stats if you like- but POW must be rolled as indicated above.

You MUST make a detailed background story of your character –
if you craft your stats, you must especially weave the exceptional ones into the characters story/background (if has a high APP, then determine if s/he is vain, or is a player,
If you have an abnormally low stat, make it a central element that drives the characters psychology,etc)

You can know each other if you like- coordinate amongst yourselves.

One thing you ALL have in common however -
your character has an opium addiction. [and you all get your stuff from the same dealer]
Opium during the era could be used by all walks of life, so don’t feel constrained by this requirement…
So, please, work that into your story in some way- it can be a big thing or a small thing, but your character has this in their background, no matter what…

If you wish, set a time to do a google hangout (or call) with me if any particulars need to be worked through.

Separate links to the quick start rules and character sheet:
Chaosium CoC Quick Start
Chaosium CoC v5 1920 Character Sheet

To recap our tabletop strategy-
using ‘google hangouts’ to facilitate sessions (requires a google account and a webcam)
launch google hangouts here: (to verify your rig is setup correctly)

we will use ‘Roll20’ inside the hangout,
go here so you can grant it permissions and ‘install’ it

Schedule of running:

TEST Session Sunday February 3 2013 6p CST

Once monthly at minimum,
I know we all have our own lives- so i am shooting for setting a time that MOST of the dedicated / committed people can attend. [it may be we never get 100% attendance, but i aim for it]
We’ll work through the scheduling SOON- but for now, decide to commit and then make a character [complete with background story] and send me the scanned version of it so I can start plotting the campaign accordingly.

I expect to receive your characters by February 3rd 2013 at the latest.
That gives you about 7 days to cook one up.

I will send out 3 different suggested times/dates for a first session and ask each of you to ‘sign up’ – if NONE of the choices provided work in your case, please contact me [directly- NO CC] with the three best choices for your schedule,
I’ll then open up any further discussions about times/dates once i have everyone’s preferred parameters.

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